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wholesale Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

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Specifications of our type fire extinguisher cabinet:
Product NameFire Extinguisher Cabinet Price
Size700x300x220 mm
FinishingRed epoxy electrostatic power coated
Thickness1.0 mm
ApplicationContaining 1pc 5/6 kg fire extinguisher
TypeWall mounted; Recessed type; With visiable window; Without window
Other options for materialFiberglass, stainless steel, plastic
1. Do you offer free sample for your clients?
Yes, we offer free sample for many of the products
2. What's the MOQ of your products?
Our MOQ is one (1) piece/set.
3. Are you manufacturer with your own factory?
Yes, we are the manufacturer for more than 20 years
4. What's your payment terms?
We accept T/T, L/C, Western Union, Paypal,etc.
5. How long is the delivery time?
Usually around 15 days after payment.
6. Do you have technical support?
Yes, we have a professional engineering team.
7. Do you have warranty?
Yes, all products have one year warranty.
8. Can you accept OEM?
Yes, we do customized design for our clients.
Why need a fire extinguisher cabinet:
• Protect extinguishers from accidental damage.
• Discourage people from misusing them.
• Still very easily accessible and easy to identify.
• Ideal for in dustrial areas, as fire extinguishers are more likely to get damaged from everyday bumps and accidents.
• Some cabinets have the option to be locked shut to prevent theft.
• Fitted with alarms for extra security.
• The cabinet protects against dirt, dust and the elements if outdoors (waterproof).
• There are restraining straps wrapped around the extinguisher, to keep it in place and secure whilst inside the cabinet.
• The cabinets all have viewing panels so extinguishers can be easily located. However a fire extinguisher sign should always still be attached alongside the cabinet as additional confirmation for the user.
• Contain any size or type of fire extinguisher.
• Can be mounted to any floor or wall, indoors or outdoors. wholesale Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

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