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special shape box free sample

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ROXXPACK Co., Ltd, a member company of HUCAIS group is located in Dongguan City of south China. The company was early registered in Hong Kong in 2007 and moved to China in May 2015.
ROXXPACK is a team composed of professional staff of design, technique, quality control, international marketing and customer service. We focus on exploration of premium international market and the relative customer services, by the benefit of our new materials, new technology, advanced facilities, best communication through internet and mobile phone app.
Our production base in Dongguan city has all types of advanced facilities for process of sampling, prepress, offset printing, gravure printing, silkscreen printing, auto-embossing, auto-foil stamping, high speed diecutting, automatic laser scanning quality control... The company is therefore capable enough to execute effective control over design and production according to international market demand.
Our products range includes high quality luxury packaging, e.g. perfume box, cosmetics box, tobacco and wine box, shopping bags etc. Meanwhile we supply our customer with high quality tinbox by our sub-contractor company.
The ROXXPACK online project management system provides our customer efficient way to trace their orders. It allows our customers to always get the most real-time information of orders, no matter from where and at anytime. Besides the website, the ROXXPACK app is also available for download for both Apple IOS and Android systems, which provides great convenience for our customer to check the order status and order information.
Factory quality, Management, Environment & Social responsibility Certification:ISO9001, , ISO14000, OHSAS18001, SA8000, HACCP, RoHS, BRC.
Machine list in our factory :
A. Pring machines
1.  UV Offset Press:   Model:Roland-700(4C/6C/7C/8C), Total: 8 machines
Printing spec:  minimum size340*480mm max size1040*740mm
Capacity: 15000sheets/Hour
The conventional offset printing effect types:
-        FM, AM screening dot form
-        Gloss varnish (full and partial)
-        Matt varnish (full and partial)
-        Water base varnish (full and partial)
Special printing effect types
-        pearl lusting printing ink
-        Optical variable ink
-        Fluorescent anti-forgery printing ink
-        Leterset printing ink
-        Cold foil printing
-        DNA (DNA anti-forgery )
2. Silk-screen printing Machine  Model: SAKURAI 102A
Specification: Max 1050*750mm Mini393*450mm
Capacity: 3000sheet/Hour
Silk-screen printing effect types: Varnish, Marble ink, Refraction printing ink, Frosted, Snowflake,
Ice, Hammer finishing, Gold& Silver sands, Pearl lusting printing ink, Pantone, Optical variable ink
, Glitter powder, Fission
3. Cast&Cure: Model:Jinlan printing machine
printing effect types: full and partial
The figure depend on the design
4. Intaglio Printing Press: Model: Sotech SAY820C1 10 Color Gravure Printing Press
5. Digital Press HP Indigo7500
Speed:120pcs/min(for 4C) 240pcs/min(for 1 or 2C)
DPI required: 812*1219dpi for Eight bit color mode; 2438*2438dpi for Resolution imaging mode
Screen line number:144,160,175,180m Ipi
Paper Size:330mm*482mm
image size:317mm*464mm
Four colors : CMYK
Six color :CMYK+2 Pantones
Seven color :CMYK+2 Pantones+ HP white ink

B. Post-press machines
1.  Hotstamping: Storna Rotary Full-auto Stamping Machine
Model:Rotary cutting
Capacity : 500Sheets/Hour
2. Hotstaming Machines: Bobst/YouHeng/Yahua
Model:Flat cutting
Specifications : 350*4020mm/1040*720mm
Capacity :6000sheet/Hour
Stamping effect:
-        A:A large area(YouHeng /Yahua )
-        B:tiny patterns and text (Storna / Bobst )
-        C:Emboss bump
-        D:Refraction+ Emboss bump
3. Emboss: Models:Storna /Bobst /SanHe/YouHeng /Yahua
Specifications :350*4020mm/1040*720mm
Emboss effect
-        A:Flat embossing
-        B:Sculpture embossing
-        C: Grains
4. Automatic Die-cutting : Bobst /SanHe /Japan
5. Automatic inspection machine: Automatic inspect the rejects of printing ,stamping and emboss.
6. Automatic laminating machine
7. Automatic paste box machinespecial shape box free sample

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