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I Fixed This Past Month

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Yeah I have goosebumps and a very similar nostalgic feeling. I get exactly the same listening to the incident 3 end, because that Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta was the height of those matches celebrity in Japan and if my best friends still consistently played. I miss spamming akarin together and annoying mpas quite a bit.

I will join the bandwagon and share my GShade PSO2 screenshots. Three distinct characters in multiple distinct costumes! More in comments.

What time zone will PSO2 NA move by?

For your P3D and P5D event it has a time table but it does not say which time zone it follows, does anyone know what time zone it's?

If not familiar with the time-codes, its California time. But if ever wondering what time zone some thing is compared to yours, then you can Google the time code and it will show you the present time in that zone without having to click an actual site.

There is also a second PSO2 day on the 22nd of every month, however, the boosts on that day are only for premium users.

Does it make sense to begin playing PSO2 today?

So PSO2 was released on Steam and I am curious, I wish to try it.

My question is, even should PSO2: New Genesis is coming next season and I will have to make a personality from scratch anyway, what's the point of starting today? If you think I should, can you tell me ? . .

'cuz PSO2:NGS, while more or less a fresh match, has a lot of carry over from PSO2. Plus, the first PSO2 will still be accessible.

Hell yeah. It is a fun sport and we are getting a lot of articles thrown at us over the next year or so. Plus, some things (sounds like cosmetics) will be moving over to NGS.

It is a really shitty way of doing this but if they still count moonmates and shit as equipment and allow it to move between both Buy pso2 meseta xbox games, I'd probably cheese meseta over to NGS by buying a storage filled with moonmates and gradually selling them over on NGS.

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